The "Waves & Tires" project born from our enthusiasm for surfing and cycling, which has allowed us to enjoy incredible places where we can give freedom to our passion. In this project we decided to fuse these activities into a great trip that will take us to travel the entire peninsular coastline from Tarifa to Hendaye, discovering and documenting more than 300 surfing beaches, and traveling through historic ways such as the Vicentina Route, the Portuguese Camino de Santiago along the coast, O Camiño dos Faros or the Northern Camino de Santiago, through more than 4.000 kilometers.

We will travel the entire route with our adapted bicycles to transport all our material (personal belongings, camping, surfing, electronics ... etc), thanks to the bike trailers Coho XC de Burley. A trip that combines a part of exploration, surfing, cycling, culture, self-sufficiency and sustainability. We will share our experience periodically on our social networks, @soulmountainadventures, and as a final project, the documentary "Waves & Tires".


We live in a time when everything is going very fast, we have a thousand issues to solve, commitments, goals and continuous new acquisitions ... at the end, a non-stop life. Before we complete or finish enjoying something, we are starting or thinking about the following that we had in mind. On a personal level we live this trip in a different way, we want to stop and really enjoy the moment we will live, with a start date but no end date. To travel clearly in "slow travel", without haste, in a more contemplative, more responsible, after all, more authentic way.

We want to reduce the environmental impact of our trip to the maximum. It is evident that when traveling the entire route by bicycle we will not emit CO2 into the atmosphere. But transportation is not the only environmental impact on a trip, what we do in the place, where we sleep and what we consume is part of the whole. For this reason we will consume local and seasonal products, we will camp avoiding leaving our mark, we will carry our own utensils such as thermos and bottles avoiding the excessive use of plastic and we will use biodegradable soaps or sunscreens. Finally, and referring to what we will do, we will surf on the different beaches that we document, an activity that does not cause any damage to the environment and we will carry out different solidarity actions.

Planned Itinerary

Our planned itinerary will start at the beginning of April heading northwest from the town of Tarifa in the province of Cádiz, the southernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, until we reach the province of Huelva. We will change course and heading west, we will cross the Spanish-Portuguese border, entering in Portugal

Solidarity Actions / Tree Planting

Thanks to the collaboration and contribution of Bosquia, we will carry out a reforestation on the coast of Llanes-Asturias. For each province that we travel with the pedal stroke, 5 trees will be planted. Our route will take us to pedal 9 Spanish and 10 Portuguese provinces, reaching up to 100 trees, but we need more !!! Can you help us improve our world and reach 200 trees or more ???

Solidarity Actions / Garbage Collection

Plastics have taken over the Earth. Its increasing production and use threaten to contaminate every corner of the planet, especially the seas, the final destination of many of them, seriously damaging the health of aquatic ecosystems and the survival of the species that inhabit them.

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