We are currently opening a wound on our lovely planet earth, in the only real home that we all share. That wound can be treated, we still have time and it depends on each one of us putting up our seeds that can produce the change that the planet needs. If you want to godfather a tree or several, please click here: Soulmountain/Bosquia

The deforestation leads to damaging ecosystems, generating a loss of biodiversity and causing aridity in the land. In addition, the fixation of carbon dioxide (CO2) is avoided, thus contributing to the feared and destructive climate change. Deforested regions offer soil erosion, becoming non-productive land, which inevitably leads to the growth of no vegetation and therefore does not provide food and shelter for animals.

We could name the guilty, sometimes of nature itself, but let's not fool ourselves, the human being and our actions are the main cause. Our work and obligation is to try to reverse it. 

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