Director and guide.

My passion is the mountains – and anything related to it. After completing my second year of university studies I decided to focus my life on the mountains. Initially I spent winter seasons exploring the Austrian, Swiss, and French Alps on skis before moving on to the winter paradise of Canada. I have spent 6 winter seasons skiing in Canada in the Kootenay Region, home to the best powder snow on the planet. During my time in Canada I have dedicated my time to completing several courses related to ski guiding, avalanche science, first aid and safety, and backcountry travel.

In the summer months I focus on rock and mountain climbing in my home country of Spain, which is a true paradise for climbers. As well, I enjoy sea kayaking, taking time aside to explore the east coast of Spain not far from my home. I also enjoy cycling, and have toured extensively including crossing Argentina and Uruguay, and Cape Verde. Exploring the mountains, enjoying nature with friends and enjoying the pleasure of powder snow is, for me, the apex of the outdoor adventure experience.

My dream is to transmit my mountain passion to those around me and to provide amazing experiences for people in the most incredible and awe-inspiring landscapes.