This North Atlantic island that continues to constantly rejuvenate its geology due to volcanic activity, is one of the best and most recent ski destinations, chosen by those looking for a wild environment in a land of contrasts, where snow and glaciers coexist with the Fire and the ocean.

If Iceland is characterized by something, it's because of the diversity and the beauty of its landscapes. despite its small dimensions, it has a multitude of different ecosystems. During the same day we can go from snowy mountains and glaciers, to desert territories, beautiful waterfalls, mossy lava fields or black volcanic sand beaches.

Ski & Snowboard Iceland

Iceland is without doubt a "world class destination". The season begins at the end of February and lasts until the beginning of June. In the months March and April the "powder" abounds with the addition of the northern lights. At the end of the season it offers us the incredible midnight sun and its famous “Stable Coastal Corn snow” formed thanks to its average temperature between -5 and 5 degrees Celsius being very stable in terms of avalanche risk.

You can enjoy the descents from aboard a helicopter and have the most wonderful experience, or in the purest style, ascending with our skins and the silence only broken by the passage of our skis opening the track. You can stay in a lodge or live the incredible experience aboard a sailboat in search of the best possible lines. Thanks to our collaboration with Bergmenn Mountain Guides who has led the skiing path in Iceland, being the pioneer of new areas with more than 18 years of experience behind them, we put at your fingertips the best ski experiences in the most iconic places of Iceland


There are four main areas that give Iceland the title of “Ski World Class Destination”. Below we describe the destinations and the ski possibilities that each one offers us.

Troll Peninsula and Hidden Land

The Troll peninsula and Hidden Land, separated by the longest fjord in Iceland, Eyjalfjordur, represent the excellence of this destination. Where the best ski is "distilled" thanks to the thousands of hillsides and peaks that await their first descent. A vast land of more than 4,000 square kilometers of arctic mountains that leave your mouth open, with slopes of 1500m with possibilities for all levels.

Heliski: The operation is located in Skioadalur Valley, right in the middle of the best skiable terrain, where the closest lines are only 3 minutes away. There is the possibility to choose between 3 different programs, the Classic with 12 skiers, the Semiprivate for groups of 8 and the private one for groups of 4.

Freeride &Touring: Staying in the beautiful town of Siglufjörður, dubbed as the world capital of herring and considered one of the most historic places in the country. In recent years it's known as one of Iceland's best skiing locations, surrounded by peaks with endless options to enjoy countless “runs” for all levels, many of them to the sea shore. The accesses and approaches for the ski days are made in 4x4.


The true Arctic experience in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in the fjords of western Iceland. Many of the mountains and their ridges have never been skied before, so it is easy to imagine that we do not expect to find anyone who can step on the dream lines that we have previously chosen with the guide. There are two options to enjoy this area:

  • On board a sailboat where you can live a ski trip with the deep feeling of an expedition.
  • Housed in the picturesque village of Ísafjörður surrounded by incredible mountains.

The ascent to Hvannadalshnúkur the highest peak in Iceland with 2110 m, as well as its surrounding mountains is highly recommended. The top of Hvannadalshnúkur offers us a panoramic view impossible to forget, to the north, Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe with its mountains emerging from the sides of the glacier and to the south the endless black beaches washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

4 THE EASTERN FJORDS “Land of Dragons”

The legend tells the story of Harald's attempt to subdue the proud Icelanders, for which he made a magician send his whale-shaped spirit that was repelled by the protective dragon of the mountainous coast of the eastern fjords. Both for its legend and its landscape formed by steep peaks and deep blue fjords, it is easy to imagine because it is called the land of the dragon

"The Land of Dragons"

offers the opportunity to live a great adventure of first descents and discoveries. Housed in a lodge in the picturesque village of Eskifjordur surrounded by incredible beauty, where in short trips by vehicle you can access the fjords to ski in its different mountains.
This virgin paradise for skiers is also home to half a dozen fishing villages. Each fjord and town are full of rich history, since for centuries the Eastern fjords were the first place where the ships of Europe made land.


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