Cycling tourism is a long-distance recreational sport activity that combines physical activity and tourism. It consists of traveling by bicycle visiting the places we find along the road, connecting very closely with the natural environment and with the culture and local gastronomy.

It's the sport that is done without hurry, or finding the satisfaction in each push, it's not important how many kilometers are made, or in what time... it's all about how and where to go. It's an indivisible combination between man and bicycle, synonymous of freedom and independence.

Basic Information

Our MTB tours are suitable for any person in reasonable physical shape, being able to travel between 50 and 150 km per day depending on the type of terrain and bicycle, traveling considerable distances for a few days in a row.

Our Services

Our services are especially useful considering that long distances are traveled by bicycle and therefore different contingency may arise during the journey, such as: inclement weather, injuries, mechanical failures, excess of baggage ... etc.


We have made an profound search to find accommodations that perfectly fit the essence of each trip. Charm hotels or Rural houses located in the natural environment, with all the comforts...


The great geographical, cultural and gastronomic variety that we find in Spain and Portugal, added to its climate, make it one of the best places in Europe to practice bicycle tourism.


Through more than a century, pilgrims from all over the world traveled the Camino de Santiago on a pilgrimage to reach the sanctuary of the apostle Santiago el Mayor, in the magnificent cathedral of the city of Santiago de Compostela.

There are many ways that can take us to Santiago, we have chosen the Camino del Norte for its great beauty, which runs along the Cantabrian coast to Ribadeo and in its last stretch through the interior of the province of Lugo to Santiago. The great variety of culture and terrain is what defines the North Road, in that we have one of the best cycle routes in the world.


An experience that will take us along the Portuguese coast where we can enjoy this land of contrasts. Contrasts between it's traditionally fishing villages and it's emerging tourism. Its northern, greener, forested and mountainous part and the opposite flatter and more arid south. A crossing without great altimeters, so we can travel long distances in one day, enjoying its endless-long beaches of surf culture, its rich gastronomy and a country that is open for welcoming the traveler. The Atlantic coast with predominant winds from the west and north that cool the days even in the hot summer months, to end each day with incredible sunsets watching the sun fall melting in the Atlantic Ocean.


The crossing of the Cantabrian Mountains range on MTB, is an adventure that runs through extraordinary landscapes, visiting villages that still preserve the essence of old lifestyles, ascending mountain passes, crossing valleys, gorges and canyons dug by their rivers of pristine waters. You will have time to walk through lush forests of oak and beech trees where mammals like the bears still survive, along with chamois, roe deer, wild boar, deer and the elusive wolf. Each stage is a challenge, a new experience for bicycles and the people who ride them, a search for sensations through mountain biking. This journey will allow us to know the wet Iberia in all its splendor, from the border with the Basque Country, Cantabria, León and the Principality of Asturias.


If you want more information about the destination or the trips we offer in MTB Spain / Portugal feel free to contact us.
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